Combination Pack Olive Oil, Za'atar and Black Olives
Combination Pack Olive Oil, Za'atar and Black Olives

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Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Unfiltered • First Cold Press

Altirs premium olive oil is made by carefully handpicking olives from our family estate in the hills of North Lebanon. We provide you with fresh, all natural, first cold pressed oil that is aromatic, buttery and complex. This medium bodied oil is excellent with meat, fish, pastas or vegetables. Enjoy the best.

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Store away from heat and light.

Olive oil sediment is a natural by-product of unfiltered olive oil that serves to enhance the flavor and to increase the nutrients. For this reason we have chosen to not completely filter out all of the sediments like many other companies to ensure Altirs is the best olive oil you have ever tasted.

Whole Olives

We carefully handpick our olives from our family owned estate in North Lebanon. You will taste the distinct difference in the fresh flavor. Enjoy alongside feta cheese or in pasta, pizza, salad and more. By choosing Altirs you will be enjoying our healthy all natural products.

Ingredients: Olives, Water, Lemon Juice, Salt, and Pepper.

Caution: Contains pits and pit fragments. Refrigerate after opening.

Za’atar Spice Mix

Za’atar spice mix is a dried herb used as a staple in the Lebanese diet. Our Za’atar follows a traditional recipe that has been passed on for generations and is a vital addition to your table. Spread it on dough with olive oil to make a Za’atar pie in the oven, use as a meat seasoning, sprinkle it on your salad, yogurt, cheese or enjoy its delicious taste in a pita sandwich.

Ingredients: Thyme, Oregano, Sesame, Sumac, and Salt.

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Gift Box for Set of 3: Olive oil extra virgin 250 ML + Za'atar 6 oz + Black Olive 6 oz