In the heart of Northern Lebanon lie unblemished olive groves that serve as a reminder of the traditions and values that Antonios Masoud Altirs’ father had practiced over 80 years ago. With only a few acres and a passion, he began farming olives in 1933. Three generations later, his grandsons are continuing what their grandfather had started so long ago. Their love for dipping bread in quality olive oil urged them to invest in expanding the olive groves to approximately 100 acres near their ancestral home. The Altirs boys began manufacturing olive oil products according to Lebanese traditions of harvesting, followed by cold pressing the olives within 24 hours. The soil, water, climate, and altitude of the area where the fruits are grown make the Altirs brand exceptional. Initially, the olives and olive oil they produced was shared with friends and family. Today, through their farm in Northern New Jersey, the Altirs family is able to provide many families with certified ultra-premium U.S. Grade A 100% extra virgin olive oil, which is a staple in many Mediterranean cultures. Knowing that healthy choices with the best ingredients are important to their family, the Altirs vision is to bring the finest extra virgin olive oil products to your family.